Welcome to the Rosendale Chamber of Commerce! The Rosendale Chamber of Commerce is a group of committed business people based in the Rosendale N.Y. area of the Mid-Hudson valley. We actively promote business activity in Rosendale while staying true to the quirky spirit that makes the town so special.

We represent a diverse list of business interests in the town of Rosendale, from plumbers to massage therapists and art galleries to machinists. All of our members enjoy the benefits of being part of the Rosendale Chamber of Commerce.

Rosendale boasts both a rich history and an exciting future for residents and business owners alike. Whether you are a resident or visitor, we hope that you find everything you are looking for on our website – and in this town that we love so much! Our mission at the Rosendale Chamber of Commerce is to ensure that both visitors and business owners continue to have a great variety of reasons to love Rosendale!

Rosendale on the cutting edge!

The Rosendale Chamber of Commerce proudly supports clean vehicles, and is pleased to sponsor the electricity for the Town of Rosendale’s public Electric Vehicle (EV) charging station, conveniently located in the municipal parking lot behind Main Street (Route 213), within walking distance of downtown restaurants, cafes, lodging, and shops, the Rosendale Theatre, hiking trails, and the rail trail.

Rosendale Charging Station